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Journey for child rights and sights

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Those who reading this article I am assuming we are all financially stable and one way the other we have everything we need to success in our life. We have everything we need, we spend money on food, transportation, houses, rent, iphone, ipad, anything you name it we all able to achieve that. yet, we do not think about our roots, our children who laboring days and nights to support their family, they don’t have good cloths, they don’t have enough food, they don’t have shelter. As a human being are we suppose to sit there and watch the insanity of human kind. We can step forward, our $1 won’t affect us in daily life but it will help the kids, we can together bring those kids home and help them get education, we can help their families. if you still thinking supporting them is not worth it then I would say you are the worst name of human kind. Let’s together move forward and change the way we seeing things. We can do it together.

Journey for child rights and sights is sponsored by DCI ( Distressed Children and Infants International)

DCI Mission :
To provide for the basic needs of distressed children and give them the opportunity for education and future economic possibilities. To provide American children the opportunity to develop compassion, leadership qualities, and positive life skills.
Company Overview
Distressed Children & Infants (DCI) International was founded in 2003 to improve the socio-economic, educational, and health conditions of underprivileged children worldwide. Our programs currently operate in Bangladesh and India, and include child sponsorship, childhood blindness prevention, healthcare for the underprivileged, orphan support, disaster relief & rehabilitation, and child rights awareness. DCI also conducts youth leadership activities in the United States.

DCI’s accomplishments:

• 1100 underprivileged village children able to continue their education
• 3520 impoverished village children receiving free healthcare
• 330 orphans getting healthcare and education support
• 3200 disadvantaged children and 3822 adults have received free eye care
• 7400 Dhaka City slum residents provided with free healthcare and medicine
• 1500 villagers given relief and rehabilitation
support following Cyclones Sidr & Aila
• 250 volunteers have been trained

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