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Aniva Zaman

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We here at trying to focus on the talented artist in South Florida. Aniva Zaman is one of the great dancer and a choreographer. Here’s one of the banglaflorida interview with Zaman.

Introducing: Aniva Zaman : one of the most Talented Dancer and Choreographer.

1. How long have you been dancing?
since i was 3
2. What got you into dancing?
My mom got me into dancing when I was 3 and when she took me to Bangladesh for the first time I remember seeing my cousins dance for the first time which completely blew me away. I know I was too young to remember every bits and pieces but surprisingly I still remember that bit of memory.
3. What dancer(s) inspire you?
my cousins
4. Do you hope to become a professional dancer?
probably not. I don’t dance as a profession but because I just love to dance.
5. Why do you love to dance?
I can express myself. Everyone has their own way of De-stressing themselves and my way is by dancing. Most of all its FUN.
Aniva and the group at Asian Food Fair

6. What kind of emotions do you feel/give off when you dance?
Honestly, it depends on the song or music..every type of dance is very expressive. A dancer always gets into the character they are portraying to be of the song. I always fell as if I am in a trance and just start to pour out all my feelings, being good or bad and just throw them into my dance moves.
7. Do you hope to inspire others to dance too?
Absolutely, Especially the younger generation. Dancing is looked bad upon especially in our culture and after a certain age everyone decides “I am too old to dance now.” I don’t think anyone is ever to old to dance and there is nothing wrong with dance. I would love to see more dancers out. I would dance for as long as I can until my bones give up on me.
8. What are some of your goals for dance?
I don’t have specific goals but I would like to be a better choreographer.
9. Do you take any other styles of dance or not?
If not, would you like to try any other style? I usually dance more of the hip hop fusions, where we put many different styles of dances into one choreography but I would like to learn classical dance. I haven’t learned much of that.
10. How do you feel when you perform?
I feel relieved…and happy when I hear the crowed cheering and dancing with us.
Miami Baishakhi Mela
[flv][/flv] 11. What keeps you from not quitting dance, in other words: what inspires you to keep on dancing?
my mother. The biggest inspiration of my life. The only person that supported me, when everyone went against it.
12. Do you have any dancer role models?
My middle school dance teacher Ms. Houston and of course the legendary Michael Jackson.
13. what is your favorite part about Dancing?
the fact that i can express myself.

Aniva Zaman was born in Chicago, Illinois. Currently Residing in Miami, Florida. She was born on March 19, 19889. Her parents are from Bangladesh. she wishes to become a choreographer.


14. Do you enjoy dancing?
of course!
15. How many years have you been dancing?
too many years…do the math..i am horrible in math.
16. What has been your favorite dance to perform?
hard one .. i cant choose…
17. What has been your least favorite dance to perform?
all my ballet performances. I never really liked ballet.
18. What is your favorite dance step?
Well my favorite form of dance is hip hop so any steps that fall into that category. smile
19. Have you ever fallen while dancing?
ummm…errr…yes . unsure
20. What was your worst dance moment?
my wig came off…
21. If not already, do you plan to do something with dance later in life, or is it just a hobby?
maybe become a choreographer one day…
Miami Baishakhi Mela

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