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2 Continent 4 country one winner

This article is written by Milon. He is one of the blogger in website.


2 Continent and 4 country and one winner. How’s that sound? To me its sound crazy. 4 best team are meeting each other in the last moment of the world cup. I am enjoying and I know all of my friends and surroundings are enjoying it as well.  This year world cup is bit of different, I see more people and friends are really enjoying and making tons of comments and status.  I wish I could have frame all of the status and comments in one place and name them “world cup sucker 2014”.

Argentina is my favorite team, although I have doubt they might go thru semi finals. They are not playing hard enough but if they go to final that would be awesome. I want Argentina and Germany in Final. Bring back a lot of memories. anyway lets talk about #shovan, He’s a expert in soccer. He has been given crazy prediction from the beginning of the world cup and rooted for a country he thought going to win.  He never rooted for the weak team. He likes Argentina and Brazil as well. I guess he will be cheering up whoever win in the final. On the other hand we have a crazy Brazilian fan who said will cry if Brazil lose yup #Aniva, I want Brazil to lose so badly so I can capture her moments of crying, I mean think about it we all cheer up when a team win but we barely cry so capturing that moment would be unique and best moment of 2014.

We got #Rubel who is also a fan of Brazil and deep down of his heart he’s German. He chose both because one of the 2 might going to win the world cup. sigh, that’s call cheating. Regardless of cheating or not I am still sticking with my team Argentina. All the way. I am thinking to get prediction from #Sumon. His prediction is always backward so it would be good I am sure he’s going to say Argentina going to lose in the semis. Just like he said they would against Belgium. He knows about soccer more then anybody that I know. sometimes I think he should be a soccer analyst instead of cutting Elish mash. anyway we got #parag, panghasg mash, he like everyone comments and status, he would barely comment cause he is not sure if  he’s Brazil or Argentina. He’s in confusion, sometimes he would post picture of Brazil hats and wear Argentinian Shirts.

Only friend I know who is quite about everything except ‘like’ comments is #Pallab. He is a fan of Argentina and Messi but he is afraid of his wife because she is a Brazil Fan and I am sure she would kick his butt if he talk, maybe that’s why he is always quite.

We also got followers like #Mahbuba (brishty) she is a die hard fan of Brazil because #Aniva likes it, then we got #shamarukh same as Brishty. They don’t count as Brazilian fan. They are copycat.

I am the only fan that truly support Argentina either win or lose.

To all other readers – Who do you think will win the world cup?




PS – This article is not to mock anyone, it’s for educational and fun purpose only.

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